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Are you undecided about what to do with your 401(k) money when you retire? Are you confused about the 20% withholding rule? Do you get the best value for your 401(k) money if you leave it with your current custodian? Interested in knowing how to receive an income prior to age 59½ and AVOID the 10% tax penalty? We can help you, as we have many others like you,
get a better value for your 401(k) money.


IRA Rollovers/Transfers Are you looking for a better nest for your IRA nest egg? Saving for retirement is generally a long-term proposition: you put your money away and let it grow until you need it.


But sometimes you have to make changes; for example, when you:


Are dissatisfied with the rate of return, the underlying investments or the service on your current Individual Retirement Account.

• Receive a distribution from your employer’s retirement plan due to termination of the plan or your employment.

• Receive a retirement fund distribution as a result of divorce, disability or the death of your spouse.


Under circumstances like these, it pays to consider the option of an IRA rollover. By placing your distribution into a rollover account, you can continue to let it grow tax deferred, paying no taxes on either the principal or interest until you withdraw it. Over time, this tax deferred interest compounding can pay you BIG dividends. In contrast, keeping the distribution means not only paying taxes on it as ordinary income, but can also mean paying a tax penalty for premature distribution.


As an example, a $12,000 distribution could quickly shrink to $7,440 if you’re in the 28% tax bracket and pay a 10% tax penalty. Wouldn’t you rather keep the $4,560 difference? You can with an IRA rollover account.


See us today and relax knowing your retirement funds are working to the fullest extent possible building a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones.


Call us today at (248) 363-8551 or (800) 775-1753 to learn how we can help you improve your financial life.

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